Some Facts To Know About Hardwood Flooring In Greeley, CO

People who are shopping around for Hardwood Flooring in Greeley CO, need to know some facts before making any purchases. Homeowners looking for wood flooring have to understand the difference between engineered floors and solid floors. When people choose between the two types, they have to consider where they want to place the flooring. Solid floors can be used in rooms that are located above ground. Engineered floors can be used for both above and below ground level installations. Engineered floors are, basically, layered floors that don’t expand and contract as much as solid flooring does.

The next thing people have to consider about Hardwood Flooring in Greeley CO, is species types. There are dozens of different species for homeowners to choose from. Coloring is one of the ways that wood species are different. People can choose from dark, light, or medium colors. There are also woods with reddish colors. Species also have different durability traits. When thinking about durability, people have to consider how the room will be used. Floors that will get a lot of traffic should use more durable wood species. There is a Janka hardness test that can let people know just how durable a type of wood is. Shoppers visiting or any other site that deals with wood flooring can learn more about the Janka test by talking to salespeople.

Another thing for people to think about is how the flooring will be finished. Floors can be finished at the job site. When floors are finished as they are installed, they can be better customized. The downside is that there will be a lot more noise and labor costs will increase. Floors finished at the factory can be walked on as soon as they are installed. There are a good number of options that people can choose from when buying factory-finished floors, but they are limited compared to job-site finished floors. Homeowners can choose shiny finishes or matte finishes that don’t have as much shine.

People should take their time when shopping for hardwood flooring. They need to explore all of their options. Some flooring will be much more expensive than other types, so people should have a budget in mind before they start shopping.

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