Some Benefits to Look for in Truck Driving Jobs

by | Oct 5, 2015 | transportation

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Truck driving jobs can be personally fulfilling, as they provide the earnings required to make a good living in today’s society while simultaneously giving you a chance to explore new locations and environments. This is one reason why these types of jobs remain so popular throughout the United States. A few tips offered below may help you choose well among currently open trucking jobs that offer some of the best perks in the industry.

The company you select should have a track record for being reliable and driver focused. The employer should have a solid reputation when it comes to delivering goods on time, offering competitive prices and taking care of the cargo it transports. After all, a company that takes pride in caring for its customers will treat its drivers the same way, thus allowing you to securely focus on simply getting the job done. Be sure the business you choose is also devoted to integrating cutting-edge practices and technologies in an effort to keep its fleet in tip-top shape.

Look for a company where drivers may potentially earn more than 50 cents for each practical mile. It’s better to select a company that pays practical miles instead of household goods, or HHG, miles – which is the standard guide for mileage used when negotiating rates for freight. This is because practical miles equate to about 5 percent more than the shortest HHG mile on average. In addition, your employer should have a program in place where pay increases are scheduled, so your pay will match your experience in the field.

In today’s society, the quality of a trucking company’s health plan is an important consideration when you’re searching for the best truck driving jobs. The company you select should ideally offer you more than one medical plan option. For example, you may opt for a base plan that features low weekly premiums or a buy-up plan with higher weekly premiums and thus platinum-level coverage.

The business should also offer dental plan coverage as well as a life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy valued at $10,000. A reputable provider of truck driving jobs will make it relatively easy for you to secure and enjoy the career of your dreams.

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