Solid Arguments for Hiring an Experienced Probate Attorney in Chicago

People who die without wills leave the organization and execution of their estates to the local probate court. The judge assigned to the estate’s case can determine who will be named as the next of kin and who will benefit from receiving all of their money and assets.

Rather than leave your estate to such chance, you can plan it out now and know that a last will and testament will be filed on your behalf with the court. You can learn how to take care of your estate now by hiring a lawyer who works in probate law in Chicago.

Naming Your Heirs

The attorney in probate law in Chicago that you hire can help you name the heirs to your estate. As long as you are in sound mind, you can legally name whomever you choose to inherit your money and assets. The name of this person can be included in your will so that they will be notified of the inheritance after you pass away.

Paying Your Taxes

Your probate lawyer can also make sure that your taxes are paid out of your estate. You do not want to leave this burden to your loved ones. A portion of your estate’s proceeds can go for this purpose so that the estate can be legally settled.

You can find out more about probate law in Chicago online. Contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells to get more information.

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