Smart Ways to Make Lawn Maintenance Boynton Beach Florida Productive

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Pest Control

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Having a visually pleasing lawn can drastically enhance the market value of your home and add curb appeal to the property. A well-kept lawn can also function as a wildlife deterrent and safety measure. To achieve these conditions, it’s important to perform regular Lawn Maintenance Boynton Beach Florida. These tips can make this ongoing job easier and help organize the job into several smaller tasks.

Before starting Lawn Maintenance Boynton Beach Florida, it’s helpful to make a list of the chores that will need to be done on a weekly, monthly, and any other time period basis. A lawn typically consists of grass or different types of grasses. However, it can also contain lawn plants such as wildflowers and low herbs. Some of the main activities involved in lawn upkeep include irrigating, mowing, weeding, fertilizing. Check off these chores as they are performed to keep up with the maintenance. It’s also beneficial to keep an ample stock of supplies and equipment such as fertilizer. Ensure that your mowing equipment is kept in good condition as well.

One of the primary tasks involved in Lawn Maintenance Boynton Beach Florida is regularly mowing. This job can be done with an automatic or manual lawn mower. Avoid cutting the grass too low as this can cause damage to the grass blades. Try not to cut more than one-third off the height of the grass per mowing session. To do this, cut the grass about one every week or two. Ideally, grass should reach a height of two to three inches. In addition, it’s a healthy practice to water the lawn after mowing it. Irrigation done in the early morning can prevent fungal problems. Watering during this time of day also gives the grass time to thoroughly soak up the water before the sun can cause evaporation.

To keep your lawn healthy and free of fungus, wildlife, and disease, stick to a simple schedule that allows you to perform productive lawn upkeep. Keeping grass cut can also expand your usable living space. For information on lawn upkeep or to use the services of a reputable company, please talk to an expert with Above & Beyond Pest Control in Boynton Beach Florida. These specialists can handle numerous services including pest control and lawn upkeep.

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