Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services in Coffs Harbour

Living in Coffs Harbour, or anywhere in Australia, means that you have to expect a few insects, bugs, and spiders in your home and backyard. It also includes staying alert for signs of problems with mice or rats and moving quickly to eradicate the presence of all pests from the property.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in Coffs Harbour fail to realize that even a small number of insects often means there is already a serious problem on the property. Knowing what to look for and when to call a professional exterminator to provide the right type of pest control treatment can be a cost- and time-saving decision.

Flying Insects

Many flying insects are a problem in backyards and limit the ability to enjoy the wonderful year-round good weather. The best pest control for many types of flying insects is both treatment of current populations and elimination of areas where they lay eggs and gather. Special UV lights can be installed to attract and trap flies for identification purposes.


Termites are often unseen, and until visible damage is present, they can be hard to detect for a typical homeowner. Australian Standards recommend a minimum of annual professional inspectiona of the home to determine the presence of these destructive pests.


Like termites, seeing one cockroach often means there is already a problem. As these bugs can spread bacteria and viruses, calling in a pest control service if there are any signs of cockroaches or cockroach activity is critical.

Let the experts at Flick Pest Control, help you to determine the most effective options for safe pest control in your home.

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