Signs That It’s Time for Ant Control in Hanover

There’s a big difference between seeing a single ant and dealing with an infestation. Sometimes, a single ant is just that, but in other cases, it’s a sign that Ant Control in Hanover is necessary. In this guide, readers can learn how to tell when there’s a large-scale ant problem in the home.

Seeing the First Ant

The first indication of an ant infestation is, of course, seeing ants, but it’s usually a specific kind of ant. Large black ants are worker ants, and if they are in the home, there are usually more hiding nearby. Worker ants come out at night to look for food, and if ants are found in the home’s food supply, there’s a problem.


Ant frass is the detritus left behind by ants as they dig through the wood on the outside of the home. It’s typically presented as wood shavings or sawdust, which is removed from the tunnels ants make as they burrow into the home. Frass is usually found outside of holes, which are often found under kitchen sinks and in cupboards.


If there’s a solitary ant by the home’s front door, it’s likely that it came in on someone’s clothing or shoes. However, if there are ants in the kitchen, it may indicate a larger problem. Ants like sweet foods and they’re more likely to find them in the kitchen.

Tips for Homeowners Dealing With an Ant Infestation

Once a homeowner determines that they have an ant problem, they may not know what to do about it. If a pest control expert can find out how the ants are getting in, it’s easy to seal up the entry point. However, this doesn’t always work, as in some cases, ants come in through multiple holes and tunnels. Consult an expert who can customize a treatment plan to the homeowner’s needs and budget.

Call or Visit the Website for More Details

Seeing an ant here and there isn’t a problem, but large infestations should be handled by the professionals. In such a situation, the best option is to call for professional Ant Control in Hanover. Visit or call today to schedule a free evaluation.

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