Signs it’s Time for Gutter Repair in Tacoma, WA

A home’s first line of defense against the elements is its roof, and a roof’s first line of defense is its gutters. When gutters develop holes, begin to pull away from the house, or start to rust, it can pave the way for damage to the home’s roof, siding, and foundation. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for the following warning signs that it’s time to look into Gutter Repair in Tacoma Wa before the damage gets any worse.

Sagging Gutters

If the gutters are sagging in the middle, they aren’t draining water properly. Eventually, the pooling water will cause the gutter to pull away from the home’s exterior wall and the entire system will need to be replaced. Homeowners can keep an eye out for signs of sagging sections and have them repaired before it gets to the point where they are causing further damage.

Cracked Joints

Pooling Water

Gutters are supposed to redirect water off the home’s roof and away from its walls and foundation. If water is pooling around the house, they aren’t working as intended. Even if they still look like they’re in good condition, it’s best to call an expert for Gutter Repair in Tacoma Wa immediately.

Visible Rust

If there are visible signs of rust on one or more sections of gutter, they need to be patched or replaced. The good news is that unless it’s been a long time since the last time they were maintained or repaired, there’s usually no need to replace the entire gutter. Calling for repairs as soon as rust becomes visible anywhere on the gutter system is the best way to avoid early system failure.

Moss and Mold

If homeowners notice moss or mold growing around their gutters, they should be concerned. Both issues are caused by excess moisture, which only occurs when the gutters aren’t draining properly.

Peeling Paint

When gutters develop leaks, it allows water to drain down the side of the house instead of away from it. This can cause the home’s exterior paint to peel. Look for signs of leaks after heavy rain or just call to have the gutters inspected to determine the source of the leak.

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