Should You Use Cast Aluminum Block or Steel for Mold Applications?

Many manufacturing businesses today rely on molds to create a wide range of products and prototypes. However, some molds are made from steel while others utilize cast aluminum block. So, which is the best choice? Let’s examine the possibilities to see.

Steel Molds

Steel has been used for many years. After all, it is a very durable and strong material and holds up well to high amounts of heat (which are often used in the manufacturing process). In addition, some mold applications call for a great deal of pressure and steel is up to the task. Because of its durability, steel molds can be used over and over without distortion or a great deal of wear and tear.

Maintenance is simple and easy for steel molds. However, there are some downsides to steel. Steel contains iron and this makes it subject to oxidation and corrosion over time. Steel should be lubricated or cleaned frequently to eliminate rust. In addition, it takes time for steel molds to heat up and cool off and this prolongs the manufacturing process.

Aluminum Molds

By using cast aluminum block for molds, you can enjoy many benefits. For example, aluminum is much lighter than steel. It also represents a great cost savings over more expensive steel. In large applications, the weight difference can be significant. Because of its light weight, aluminum molds heat up quickly and cool down faster than steel. This can speed up your manufacturing process, allowing you to produce far more products each day.

Thanks to materials like cast aluminum block, quality can be greatly improved. You receive a more even distribution of heat and this minimizes problems like distortion. Your business can increase efficiency because there are fewer products rejected and scrapped. With aluminum, you not only increase turnaround time, you also can produce a better product.

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