Should You Stay with Your Partner While Living in a Student Apartment?

You’ve just gotten accepted into Louisiana State University. And better yet, the person that you’re dating also received their acceptance letter. This seems like the perfect time to move into affordable student apartments in Baton Rouge with your significant other. But is renting an apartment with your romantic partner a smart idea?

Should You Rent an Apartment with Your Significant Other?
Moving in together might sound exciting, but it could also negatively impact your college experience. If you’re already living together, moving into a student apartment might work well for you. But if you’ve never lived together, you might find out that you’re not compatible after all. It might sound impossible to believe now, but you’ll learn a lot more about your partner when you’re together for at least half the day.

Keep in mind that you’re going to be staying in this apartment for your entire college career. If you and your partner start fighting, that could negatively impact your college experience. You won’t have a place to step back and get away from it all when your partner lives in your apartment. If you break up during this time, you might find it hard to concentrate on your classes. Overall, it’s important to ask yourself if you and your significant other are truly ready to live together.

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