Should You Opt For Welded Hydraulic Cylinders?

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Machinery and Equipment

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Most owners and operators of heavy equipment, machines or systems that use hydraulic cylinders will find, at some point in time, that there will be a need to replace the cylinder. This occurs naturally with wear and tear and use, just as any moving part in any equipment will eventually require replacement.

The problem often comes when choosing a replacement cylinder. Often owners and operators may be tempted to try a different type of cylinder or even a cheaper option. While this may initially save you money, if the current cylinders are welded hydraulic cylinders, it is a good idea to only replace with welded cylinders.

At the same time, if the current tie-rod cylinder seems to be wearing out quickly or failing, moving up to a welded cylinder may be a good option.

The Differences

The tie-rod cylinders are easy to identify. They have threaded rods that run the outside of the cylinder away from the body but holding the end caps secured to the cylinder barrel. The size of the cylinder will dictate the number of tie rods, with small cylinders most commonly designed with four and larger cylinders having up to 20 tie rods.

The welded hydraulic cylinders have the end caps directly welded to the barrel. This provides additional strength in the cylinder, which is why you will find the welded cylinders on mid to heavy duty equipment and machines. These cylinders have a smooth exterior surface without the distinctive tie rods.

More Customization Options

One of the important considerations with welded hydraulic cylinders over the tie rod designs is the ability to create custom sized cylinders without the restriction of the exterior tie rods. The welded cylinders can be longer through the cylinder barrels and can easily be designed for use with telescoping hydraulics, which allows for a greater range of use in equipment and heavy machinery.

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