Should You Consider Juvederm In Los Angeles?

Wanting to look younger, or as young as possible, is very normal for both men and women. Today, with various options in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, there is no need to worry about surgical procedures; top results can be achieved with a simple non-surgical office visit. If this sounds appealing to you, Juvederm in Los Angeles may be an option to consider.

For many people, Juvederm Treatment in Los Angeles is the answer to challenging or pronounce wrinkles around the mouth, including the nasolabial folds, those lines running from the sides of the nostrils to the outside corners of the mouth. It is also used to treat other wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It is important to realize it is not used to change the shape of the lips, but it is highly effective at getting rid of wrinkles and folds.

What it Does

When you choose Juvederm in Los Angeles, you are choosing a very smooth gel product, made with hyaluronic acid. This hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body, but production tends to decrease as people age.

With the gel injected under the skin it traps water from the body in the cells, giving a much fuller look. This results in an elevation of the lower areas of skin in the fold or wrinkle, resulting in a smoother overall look.

Most clients will require only one treatment with Juvederm in Los Angeles to achieve a significant reduction in the visible signs of wrinkles and lines. While there will be some slight discomfort at the inject site, it is typically not painful, and there is no downtime or recovery time needed after the procedure.

The Results

Initially, some patients may have slight redness at the injection site with very minor swelling and bruising. This is typically completely gone within a week, and many people don’t have any after effects at all.

The other benefit to Juvederm in Los Angeles, besides the smooth and youthful looking skin, is the length of time this injectable lasts. It is not uncommon for clients to see full results for over nine months. Some patients may also see results for a year or more.

When the effects of Juvederm in Los Angeles do start to fade, the body is simply absorbing the product. You can opt to have the procedure repeated as many times as desired, giving you the ability to control the visible signs of lines around your mouth and nose.

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