Should You Consider Hino Trucks for Your Texas Business?

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Automotive

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If you are looking for a good medium duty vehicle in Texas, you’ll want to check out several different models. As you shop, it might be a good idea to look at some Hino trucks. They have a great deal to offer and here are some of the good things you will find.

Who Makes These Trucks?

Hino is the largest manufacturers of heavy and medium duty diesel powered trucks on the continent of Asia. They are located in Japan but have manufacturing facilities in the United States. The company is a branch of Toyota so when you buy one of these trucks you are getting the kind of quality Toyota is famous for today. One of their most popular trucks in the US, is the 195.

What about the Warranty?

Many people consider the new truck warranty from the factory to be the best in Texas. The standard warranty covers unlimited mileage for the first three years. Depending on the model you choose, Hino trucks also receive an extended warranty free of charge. For example, cab-over trucks warranties are for 5 years and 200,000 miles. Conventional models have a 250,000 mile warranty good for 5 years. But there is more. The 5 year warranty comes with 2 years of HinoCare for the 195 models.

What is HinoCare?

This program is designed to deliver maximum performance with preventative care. This will help to extend the life of your vehicle and save you time and money. You receive the following features free of charge:

 * Oil Changes

 * Filter replacements – includes air and oil filters

 * Differential oil

 * All important features of the vehicle are routinely inspected including brakes, steering belts, lights and more.

Standard Features

Your new 195 has many nice features standard which you may have to pay extra for on other trucks. For example, you can receive the comfort of tilt steering, air conditioning, cruise control, heated mirrors and magnetic suspension seat. You will enjoy the economy of the turbo diesel engine and the convenience of the 6 speed auto transmission. These standard features make it as comfortable as possible on the driver, so spending all day in the cab is a pleasure.

Innovative Features

A new Hino comes with INSIGHT, a completely integrated system for monitoring vehicle functions and diagnostics. This helps to simplify maintenance and lessen downtime. For companies with crews you can select a double cab with four doors and a longer chassis. The best way to appreciate Hino trucks in Texas is to visit your dealer and test drive one today.

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