Sewage Treatment Systems in Beaumont, TX- How Purification Works

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Water Testing

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The sewage from your household generally passes through the drainpipes and connects to the municipal water lines. From there, it’s carried out to companies that have full-scale wastewater treatment plants. There are a number of sewage treatment systems in Beaumont, TX that is used to purify the sewage water before it’s released into the environment again. The sewage water from your sink and your toilets contains a number of harmful bacteria.

The First Step

Wastewater that passes through your house is generally collected into settling tanks. Here, the solids and other liquids are separated from the water due to their densities. Solids tend to fall at the bottom of the bottom, while liquids with a lower density than water tend to rise up to the top. Sewage treatment systems employed by large-scale treatment companies, such as, are designed to yield the best results.

Secondary Treatment

After the different liquids and solids are treated, the secondary treatment phase begins. The biological and chemical matter in the water hasn’t been cleaned out yet. To purify the water further, different waterborne micro-organisms are released into the water within a managed habitat. A separation process might also be required to remove the micro-organisms that were originally released into the water.

Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary sewage treatment systems consist of chemical disinfection and physical disinfection before the water is released in the environment. If the water is clean enough, it might be used as groundwater recharge. In most cases however, the treated water is generally used for agricultural purposes. This helps save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on simply procuring fresh water for use on farmland. Depending upon the toxicity of the water and the cause of contamination, the treatment processes might vary. Click here for more details about sewage treatment systems in Beaumont, TX.

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