Services Offered By A Cosmetic Dentist In West Bloomfield

In the past, dentists in West Bloomfield used to have general practices and offered a wide range of services for patients of all ages and with all types of oral health issues. Today, while there are still general practice dentists available that work with different patients, there are also dentists who specialized.

One area of specialization is in cosmetic dentistry. This is often misunderstood as only services to do with improving the appearance of the teeth and the smile. In fact, many patients see a cosmetic dentist to correct problems of the teeth that are impacting their health and their ability to chew, speak and enjoy life.

Correcting Problems

There are several common issues that are most effectively address by a cosmetic dentist. These professionals have specialized training in some of the more challenging aspects of restoring a smile including dental implants, crowns, dental bridges and even in crafting dentures that not only look great but fit the patient comfortably.

Sometimes patients will be recommended to a specialist by their family dentist. This is typically the case if there is an issue that may potentially pose a complication in the procedure. Other patients may simply choose a cosmetic dentist or a practice offering both cosmetic and general family dentistry services.

Improving Your Smile

Some people are unhappy with their smile for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the teeth are misaligned, or these is an over or underbite present. It may also be that the teeth have gaps or are twisted, cracked or chipped.

Often, particularly as people age, the teeth may be significantly stained. This is often made more problematic by smoking or a history of poor or limited routine dental care.

Cosmetic dentistry is highly effective in changing the look of a smile. Veneers, which are thin porcelain covers for the teeth, can make chipped, cracked or stained teeth look beautiful again. They can also be used to fill in gaps or address slight variations and twisting of the teeth. Bonding can also be used to fill in chipped and cracked teeth and can perfectly match your natural smile. Both of these options are very common for West Bloomfield patients who want a dazzling smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can also include teeth whitening procedures. These can be a choice of both in office and home treatment kits that will whiten the teeth several shades. These procedures are very different from the over-the-counter products, providing a bright, youthful looking smile in a few days or with one office visit.

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