Senior Isolation and How a Companion Nurse Can Help

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Healthcare

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for seniors to live alone and have little interaction with the world beyond their homes. This can lead to serious problems, including senior isolation, which can have an impact on both the physical and mental health of the senior. If you believe this might be a problem for your loved one, it may be time to search for companion nurses nearby.

Pinpointing Senior Isolation

As a loved one, senior isolation may not be something you have hard of before. Those who work with seniors will tell you that it can be a major concern. Studies show that seniors without a social connection often report more mental and physical health problems. Based on that, you can see that health is affected by interacting with others. What makes it more complicated is that it can be different for different individuals.

One person might be happy with having a close friend or two, while another may not find this is enough social stimulation. They may still feel as if they are isolated from the rest of the world. This is when companion nurses nearby can bridge the gap and ensure the best health for the person you love.

How a Companion Can Help

Someone who works as a senior companion is there to help relieve problems related to their social isolation. For a person who doesn’t see their family or friends much, a companion can offer someone else to socialize with in the meantime. It can be equally useful for a senior who has limited mobility. This type of situation can make a person feel even more cut off from the rest of the world. It can be difficult to leave home and seem like it is too much struggle.

Of course, not just isolated seniors can benefit from companion nurses nearby. Almost any senior can use another person to socialize with and get to know. There are additional benefits, as well. For the senior who may have limited access to family, a companion can notice warning signs of illness. They can also offer encouragement to exercise and eat healthy meals.

A Companion for Your Loved One

If you believe your own loved one would benefit from companion care, look no farther than Capital City Nurses. We provide skilled care that can range from simple socialization to more intensive healthcare options. To find out more about how we can help, call us at 866-807-7307.

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