Senior Care Pharmacy Services

Senior care pharmacy services are services offered to long-term care centers to better help manage the patient’s medication.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Foundation states that a senior care pharmacy specializes in medicine needs of older adults, and can help manage their medication, improve output and enhance the quality of life.

Geriatric patients need a pharmacy that knows the complexities that face all seniors when it comes to managing their medications. They can review their medications to ensure it is appropriate and safe and help to identify and resolve problems associated with any medication.

How the medication of a senior family member is managed is a concern. A senior care pharmacy can help with managing their medication. They have access to resources to assist families with this component of their health care maintenance.

Most seniors are able to manage their medications without assistance. Daily pill organizers are often all that is needed. Organizers can be purchased for less than five dollars and can be found at most pharmacies or stores that carry pharmaceutical products. These can be filled on a weekly basis, or multiple sets purchased to prepare an extended supply. This system also allows family members to observe medication compliance if it is necessary. Family members, neighbors, friends, home health or home care companies can assist with monitoring the individual’s compliance with their medication regime.

For seniors who need assistance with managing their medications, there are senior care pharmacies. These pharmacies can package daily doses of medicine organized in cards or bags. The cards are color-coded for different times of the day and delivered to the home.

Medication management is important for all individuals. The more medication an individual is taking, the more complicated it is to keep on schedule. Setting up an individual plan for your senior family member is the key to success for maintaining wellness.

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