Selling Your Home in Saugerties NY? 4 Ways to a Fast Sale

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Real Estate

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Changing states and trading your old home for a new one can be a good move – especially if you need a change of pace. Here are a few helpful suggestions for selling your real estate property in Saugerties NY quickly:

Get professional help

Hiring an agent can help you get your property listed where it matters. While you can certainly do your part by reaching out to your contacts, a real estate company such as Win Morrison Realty has the appropriate network and resources in place to list your property successfully.

Inspect your home

In many cases, homes in better condition are much more likely to sell out faster than those that aren’t even if they fetch higher prices, says the Reader’s Digest. Hire an inspector to examine your real estate property in Saugerties NY for infestations or other issues. By doing so, you’ll know what issues need to be fixed and how much they will cost you.

Set the stage

Make your home attractive to potential buyers by setting the stage. Leave behind some furniture and items to make the space elegant and welcoming. Ask for assistance from your realtor if you aren’t quite sure how to place your home in the best possible light.

Be realistic

Homes hold special memories. Therefore, it’s understandable how many people believe their properties should be worth more than they are. However, a hefty price tag could repel potential buyers instead of attracting them. Check with your realtor about the average market value for homes in your area and use that to guide you.

With these tips, your property shouldn’t stay in the market for more than a few weeks or months – making the home selling experience less stressful.

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