Selecting the Perfect Vanity in Bergen County NJ

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Plumbing

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People do not have to have a huge bathroom to be able to fit in a vanity. A vanity can also be placed in a bedroom, a walk-in closet, or an alcove in the hallway. There are many options and choices that can be customized or semi-customized to suit any space. Bertch custom cabinetry, for example, provides options for door styles, hardware accessories, counter tops, and construction. Pull out caddies can be made to fit small spaces, or pullout drawers can be added to a vanity for easy access to makeup, towels, or hair styling tools. Concealed drawers are also an option to hide personal items. That would work well if the vanity was to be placed in the hallway. Other manufacturers available include Dickson, RonBow, xylem, and others.

Wood and color combinations can be chosen to reflect personal preferences and style. Wood or metal legs of all shapes and designs can add flair to the piece, or color and patterns can be selected to match any decor. Selecting the perfect Vanity in Bergen County NJ is as easy as walking into a showroom, getting ideas from displays, and talking to experienced staff. A narrow and high vanity, for example, may be the answer for a corner of a bedroom or a smaller walk-in closet. More space will be able to accommodate a vanity that can include the bathroom sink at one end. Taking a look around and playing with the possibilities can help encourage creativity, and present options that have yet to be considered.

Customized pieces can be expensive at furniture stores, kitchen and bath outlets, or even online. Great pricing can be found at wholesale distributors that are open to the public. Finding a great Vanity in Bergen County NJ does not have to cost a small fortune. People on a budget can afford high-quality vanities for their homes. It is just a matter of knowing where to look, comparing pricing, and purchasing at the right place. Settling for cheap products will mean having to replace the vanity in a couple of years. Check out to begin the search for the perfect vanity, get directions to several locations, and learn about the brands available.

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