Safely Learn to Drive Like the Professionals in Jacksonville

Whether you’ve been dreaming of a professional truck driving career or needing a refresher on driving a big rig, this defensive driving course in Jacksonville can set you up for a successful future in driving. Ambulance driving, snowplow driving, truck driving, and school bus driving courses are all available at this conveniently located driving school in Jacksonville.

Take the Edge Off Your Training with a Simulator

If you’ve never been behind the wheel of a larger vehicle like a big-rig truck or ambulance before, then the experience of learning how to drive one can be a bit intimidating. This defensive driving course in Jacksonville takes the edge off of your training by teaching you the fundamentals of driving in an innovative simulator. You’ll still feel all the bumps in the road and feel like you’re actually driving as the simulator has realistic sight, sound, and motion.

Various Training Options Available

You can choose to train as a driver for either a trucking company, ambulance, snowplow, or a passenger bus, but there are also other training variations in which to choose. Learn how to navigate the road when a tire blows out or goes off the road, while blaring through an intersection in an ambulance, and even how to perform emergency maneuvers and spot dangers on the road before they occur.

Contact the team of professional driving teachers at NextGen Driver Training at to learn more about their innovative driver training courses, and the different options available for new and seasoned drivers.

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