Safe and Effective Non-Surgical Treatment Solutions for Neck Pain in Ferguson

Chiropractic care for Neck Pain Ferguson treats pain associated with injuries, facet joint sprains, degenerative joint syndrome of the neck, and much more. Chronic neck pain can cause unmanageable discomfort all day long. Chiropractors treat the source of the problem and begin treatment with nonsurgical modalities that aim for a cure. Neck pain most likely affects some part of the back or spine as well. A chiropractor will examine every part of the musculoskeletal system that has a relation to the neck. Physicians in chiropractic health care use a holistic remedy for treatment with the goal to achieve total health for patients.

When treating Neck Pain Ferguson, a thorough physical exam is critical. A chiropractor helps the patient make controlled movements of the neck and keeps an eye on areas where mobility is limited. It is important for patients to inform physicians of their past medical history. Injuries, even from years ago, can later affect the physical well being of the neck. Imaging tests is a tool that will single out the root cause of neck pain. The diagnosis of the condition must be as accurate as possible to learn if there is a chance the patient needs to resort to surgery. Chiropractors refer patients to a spine surgeon if surgery is the only option for a cure.

Chiropractors use a variety of disciplines for pain management at a Back And Neck Care Center. They utilize manual therapy for the neck and spine that can address spinal alignment issues. Instrument assisted manipulation is done with a hand-held tool. It applies pressure to the spine and neck with a pumping action. The pumping action is therapeutic to intervertebral discs. Specific spinal manipulation uses a gentle thrusting action that assists in restoring mobility in joints. Muscle soreness in the neck can be treated with therapeutic massage that relieves tension. Inferential electrical stimulation is done with an electrical current that treats muscles down to the fibers. Trigger point therapy targets a zoned area where muscles are the most tense. One or more of these therapeutic modalities are sure to substantially relieve painful symptoms or make pain disappear completely.

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