Residential HVAC System Maintenance Sarasota, FL Can Extend the Service Life of That Comfort System

The most economical way to heat and cool a home uses an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This is a split system that typically uses two units for handling the air. The main portion of the cooling system is located outdoors and the air exchanger is placed inside the home. This arrangement allows the appliance to collect heat from the interior and transport it outdoors. Unfortunately, it can also place extra stress on the appliance, which is why residential HVAC system maintenance Sarasota FL is critical.

One aspect of maintenance is cleaning, and there can be several areas where cleaning is critical. For example, the exhaust system of a gas-burning furnace needs to be cleaned so that deposits and corrosion don’t damage the appliance. Cleaning the air exchanger is also necessary to reduce the amount of dirt that can collect inside the appliance. Dirt can be a real nuisance when it accumulates around the evaporator coil because of the moisture that results from condensation. Mixing dirt and moisture can cause a blockage in the evaporator coil, or worse, a frozen spot that forces the coil to rupture.

Residential HVAC System Maintenance Sarasota FL can also improve the way the appliance functions and reduce energy consumption. For instance, checking the level of refrigerant can ensure that the condenser isn’t working too hard. Plus, the chemical refrigerant that the AC uses also carries the lubricant required to protect the condenser. Ensuring the refrigerant level is correct also ensures that the condenser is well lubricated.

HVAC maintenance is typically recommended once each year and this is fine if the appliance isn’t heavily used. However, it is more common to have the appliance serviced twice each year. The first time is in the fall or early winter to clean the furnace. This way, the heating system is checked before it is put into use. The AC portion of the appliance should be serviced in the spring, typically before the appliance is placed under a heavy load. This protects vital components such as the compressor and ensures proper airflow. Discover how regular maintenance can extend the life of those expensive comfort systems at Arctic Air Services Inc.

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