Repairs and Customization for Shower Doors in Highlands Ranch

You hear the phrase shower doors and it doesn’t do much for you. After all, these are fixtures in the bathroom that you probably don’t think much about. They are there and as long as they do their work, you don’t tinker with them. However, what happens if one needs to be replaced or repaired due to breakage or other damages? Do you know who to phone? What if you are updating the bath? Can you alter the doors on the shower; improving them or boosting their appearance? In a word: Yes.

Shower Door Problems

Shower door problems are actually quite common and this is particularly true if you have the “bypass” style of door. This is similar to the glass doors on your porch or patio, in which the doors slide past one another in a sturdy frame. Economical and functional, it is a long-time solution to blocking spray and eliminating the need for awkward curtains that don’t always do the trick. Yet, those sturdy metal tracks gather mold, mildew and debris. They can deteriorate and even cause the doors to fail. They can also make getting in and out of the shower a hassle. The good news is that there are options for shower doors in Highlands Ranch, and they don’t have to be the stock or standard varieties.

Shock Glass Can Help

Shock Glass specializes in residential glass services and can offer you replacement glass for your doors in the event of a breakage or even replace shower doors with entirely customized designs. For instance, you may want a

  • Hinged door that is installed without tracks or rollers
  • You can create entire walls of glass that incorporate the shower door
  • You can also opt between etched and frosted glass as well as clear or opaque panels.

Choosing Your Shower Doors in Highlands Ranch

How do you begin choosing the ideal doors for you? The best bet is to speak with a skilled contractor. At Shock Glass, we can send out one of our experts to take a look at the current shower doors, the space and discuss your budget and needs. We can provide a fast and accurate quote for the project and even make some suggestions for custom work or replacement options.

Are you ready to tackle that issue with your glass shower doors? If so, just get in touch by phoning (303) 730-2729 or by emailing us at

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