Repair, Replace or Update Your Fireplace with a Gas Fireplaces Company

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Fireplaces and Stoves

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With summer quickly approaching, your mind may not be on a fireplace. However, now is the time that a Gas Fireplaces Company will be the least busy. People are thinking of air, not heat, and they aren’t having their fireplaces worked on. Now is the time to have your fireplace repaired or replaced. If you don’t have a fireplace, but you’ve always wanted one, then now is a good time for that as well.

If you have a wood burning fireplace that’s in disrepair, you can have it completely renovated into a gas fireplace. This can be done quickly, and it’s often very affordable because all of the construction involved in installing a gas fireplace is already done. Your chimney can act as your vent, and your opening already exists. The thing that could be costly is if you have an unusual sized fireplace that requires a custom gas insert, or if an enclosure needs to be built in order to close off part of the existing fireplace to accommodate the gas one.

You don’t have to have an existing insert in order for a Gas Fireplaces Company to install a gas fireplace. They can do this in any room in your home that has access to an exterior wall. The vent for your fireplace will be created right into the exterior wall. You don’t have to worry about a chimney, this is a thing of the past. A small vent, and it’s all done. In most cases, installing a gas fireplace in an existing enclosure or a newly created area will only take a single day.

Now is also a good time to have your broken gas fireplace repaired. Again, because of the time of the year, you’ll find that fireplace services are far less busy than they are in the fall and winter months. You may even get a better rate because their demand is lower than the norm.

This company offers 30 years of experience, they don’t subcontract their work and they offer transparent pricing. Check them out today to see if they’re right for you.

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