Regular Dental Visits Are Extremely Important

Arranging an appointment to see your dentist may not be the most exciting thing that will happen on the day, but it is by far one of the most important. If you wonder why you should see your dentist in downtown Chicago every six months; bear the following in mind.

If you are wary of the dentist, don’t be. Your dentist has ways to put you at ease while you are getting treatment, if you neglect these routine visits because of dental anxiety the consequences may be extreme, not only for your health but your wallet as well.

Plaque, tartar, and cavities:

  • You may be of the opinion that the way you go about regular brushing and flossing is more than enough to ensure you don’t have a buildup of plaque or tartar and that you don’t have any cavities. There are areas in your mouth that are extremely difficult to get to with a brush; this is where plaque begins and as it turns to tartar the only real solution is professional intervention.
  • Regular cleanings prevent the formation and buildup of these harmful substances; it is plaque and tartar that start decay. Cavities start small, in the majority of cases, you may not even know you have one until you start to feel pain, by this time you might be faced with a major problem. When you visit your dentist in downtown Chicago on a regular basis, any evidence of decay can be dealt with simply and easily.

Gum disease:

  • Plaque and tartar are responsible for many cavities; it will also erode gum tissue. Tartar causes infection at the interface between your teeth and gums, the gum will slowly pull away from the teeth, and if it is not caught and treated early, it can lead to tooth loss.
  • If your dentist notices evidence of gingivitis, it can be treated quickly, if the disease is left to go you will end up needing treatment by a specialist which can be quite expensive and risky.

Dentists would rather protect your teeth from decay than treat it. Regular checkups with your dentist in downtown Chicago are really a must; otherwise, you are jeopardizing your health as well as your teeth.

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