Red Flags to Watch for When Searching for Off-Campus Apartments in Tempe

If this is your first time looking for off-campus apartments near ASU, you may not know what you should be focusing on in your search. While location and amenities are important factors to consider, you should also be concerned with the quality of the apartment itself. Here are a few red flags that an apartment community isn’t going to provide you with a good home.

Rude or Uncommunicative Property Managers

As a prospective tenant, you should be a high priority for the property’s management and staff. If they seem difficult to reach, you should expect more of the same once you’re a tenant. You should also pay attention to their demeanor. If they seem rude or short with you, it’s reasonable to assume they don’t respect their tenants.

Property is in Disrepair

Pay attention to the little things as you tour the common areas and specific units on the property. Look for flickering lights, missing outlet panels, cracked windows, and other signs that maintenance is a low priority. You should also look for signs that repairs are made hastily or without the proper materials.

Background Checks Aren’t Required

Some apartment communities don’t require credit checks if they primarily rent to college students who haven’t established credit yet. However, every community should conduct some type of background check even if it’s just a basic criminal background check. off-campus apartments near ASU that do conduct background checks can assure you that you won’t have anyone with violent criminal histories sharing the property with you.

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