Reasons to Consider Software for Shop Management

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Software Company

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Owning an auto repair shop is an excellent way to earn money and stay close to your passions. Most people in the industry enjoy working on cars and trucks, and you’ve taken it a step further to help others who dislike or cannot work on their vehicles when they need repairs or maintenance. The problem is that owning such a company means you have a lot of work to do, most of which the technicians, staff, and customers never know about.

Manage Paperwork

One of the best reasons to purchase software for shop management is to help you manage all the paperwork that comes in. Some people still enjoy filing by hand, writing out everything or printing it, and storing it in paper form. However, more and more people are turning to systems that can handle storage of important information to reduce paper waste and make it easier to locate information.

Track Information

The goal is to get customer information saved into a system so that you can call/text/email to remind them to come back for more service. You can also track their vehicles and their vehicle history so that you know when their last service was if they should call. You can also use this information to find patterns and forecast what might go wrong later.

Schedule Appointments

Of course, your software should also allow the front office to schedule appointments easily. When someone calls in, they can look up their information and schedule a time slot that is empty. It also helps you see who is scheduled for service and when ensuring that you have enough staff on hand to help.

Generating Receipts, Repair Orders, Estimates

The software you choose should also help you generate orders to send to the technicians, create estimates for customers and generate easy-to-read receipts. Visit for more information.

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