Reasons To Choose A Neck Lift In Glenview

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Health

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When most people in Glenview think of cosmetic surgery, they focus on the face, arms, stomach and other areas. Necks don’t seem to be the most commonly thought of option, but necks are usually where the first signs of aging begin. If you have extra, hanging fat or skin along the jawline, chin and neck, you may want to consider a lift surgery to improve the area.

Sagging Neck

When the skin begins to sag underneath the chin, it is commonly referred to as a turkey wattle because they look similar to turkeys. It can be caused by loose or weakened muscles in the area, or skin that is loose, which occurs because of aging or weight loss.

Excess Skin/Fat

When you have extra fat around the face, and above the chest, it can be due to age, water retention, weight gain and more. Medical conditions can also contribute, leaving necks looking fatter and jiggly. A neck lift in Glenview can remove the extra fat and tighten the skin.

Likewise, saggy skin under the chin is common as you start to age. While exercise can help other parts of the body with this problem, it’s hard to exercise the face and neck muscles. In most cases, a lift in Glenview is the only way to tighten the skin in that area.

The Procedure

While the most common type is the surgical procedure, there are some non-invasive or less invasive options available. The typical method involves using liposuction to remove extra fat and reducing the double chin appearance. Saggy skin is then surgically removed, and the muscles are tightened.

A neck lift in Glenview can help you achieve a more youthful appearance by tightening the skin in that area. Visit the Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery & Medispa now to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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