Reasons For Having Bridal Makeup Done Professionally In Houston

Brides everywhere want to look their best on their big day, but in Houston, the weather is usually hot, sticky and humid. If you live there and want to get married there, you know you’ll need a little extra help with your bridal makeup. They will use the best products that may last throughout the evening, even if it’s hot, you sweat or the humidity attacks full force. However, there are thousands of other reasons to consider professionally done make-up.

You’re Worth It

This is your special day, and you won’t have another like it—ever. You may have memorable occasions in the future, but this is the day that will be photographed and remembered by everyone. Look the part and feel like the princess, if only for a day.


Professionals are more knowledgeable about their products and will understand how to highlight the best features and mask imperfections. They’ll be able to ensure that your eyebrows frame your eyes perfectly and will ensure that your lashes are long, luxurious and beautiful. They understand that SPF foundations can make you look pale in photographs and will use appropriate products.


Most people worry that the cost is too high for what they get. Remember, this is only one day, and it will be washed off at the end of the reception. However, to do it yourself will require practice, planning, lessons and hundreds of dollars’ worth of products, some of which you may never use again. When you consider the cost of buying it and doing it yourself, the price doesn’t seem so high. Plus, you’ll have one less thing to stress over on your big day.

Your bridal makeup in Houston is essential to you looking your best. Let those at Marbella Spa and Salon help you and visit them today.

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