Qualified And Certified Welding: Giving You The Edge

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Metal Fabrication

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In Cleveland, small metal fabrication shops dominate this field. Many are vying for similar work in a field of increasing complex manufacturing. It is a world in which increasingly advanced technology is dominating. Where welding was once a relatively simple process, CNC machinery, automation, robotics and simply newer and more advanced technology have taken hold. In this field, it is important you have not merely qualified but certified welding.

What Is Qualified Welding?

Qualified welding is the actions performed by a qualified welder. Many welders who have worked in a shop for several years may be considered qualified. At its most basic, this means they are qualified to do the job. They know the work, understand the characteristics of the work, comprehend the properties of the metal and perform exactingly what they need to do to get the job done in a timely and appropriate matter. To put it another way, these welders possess the required skills to perform their work.

In many companies, the most experienced are generally not only the most qualified but also the best to handle the work on a daily basis. They may be qualified to perform welding based on the employer or the satisfaction of a customer. Overall, a qualified welder is an individual who can:

 * Produce sound welds
 * Can use a specific process or processes to accomplish this
 * Understands the capabilities of the material to produce the welds

However, no matter how many qualified welders you have performing in your Cleveland shop, they are not producing certified welds.

What Is Certified Welding?

Only certified welders can perform certified welds. Qualified welders, no matter how skilled or capable cannot be called certified welders. They may even have been loosely “certified” by their employer at the end of a training course on site. Yet, unless they undergo the proper process, they are not designated as such. This requires a third party evaluation. This will result in the certification of a welder.

The process for certification requires the co-operation of your employer. He or she must document your qualifications. If a welder wishes certification through the American Welding Society, the welder must undergo an examination on the specifics that comprise the recognized American standard of the trade. To an extent is mere paperwork, but the possession of such a piece of paper can improve the appearance of the company to manufacturing concerns when they ask questions about qualifications and certification.

Certified Welding

The small fabrication shops in Cleveland are home to a wealth of skilled welders. They are highly qualified and experts at what they do. In business, however, manufacturing concerns rely on evidence the company has specific legitimized standards. By proving they have on staff, employees who can produce certified welding, the can establish a documented record of interest in developing and maintaining high levels of skills in their workplace.

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