Protecting Your Investment

You’ve invested a lot in your business, in your machines, in your tools, and improperly maintaining all of your work equipment in top condition. But when it comes time to put your tools to bed, are you putting that investment at risk? It’s understandable that at the beginning of your career, you sometimes purchased secondhand equipment, including toolboxes. Now that you’ve made it, it’s time to upgrade and treat your tools with the respect that they deserve.

More Features Than Any Other

Lista toolboxes are among the best in the industry for a hard-working metal shop, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The drawers and housing are fully welded, and rest on heavy duty casters that can be locked into place. Even the drawers can support 440 pounds at full extension. Additionally, as a safety feature, the handles are flush with the housing so that they will not snag on passersby.

These toolboxes come in single bank, double bank, triple bank and two bay, in varying heights and widths. They can even be custom-designed to meet your shop’s unique needs. Invest your money with Lista tool boxes for the same quality that you expect from your tools.

Pick Your Partner

Picking a supplier to partner with means building a relationship. The company you choose to buy your tools from should have decades of experience with metalworking tools and as machinists. The benefit of having a trained and knowledgeable staff at your fingertips can help you to keep your investment in top condition, and work with you for years to come. Also, when your tools have reached the end of their working life, Hemly Tools will buy them back in order to keep them out of the scrapheap. Recycling carbide means that obsolete tools can have another lifetime of service.

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