Prolonging The Life Of Your Essential Equipment

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Business

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If you want to prolong the life of your equipment, you need to take appropriate actions. Industrial metal finishing employing powder coatings does exactly that. It uses the right powder coatings to provide the metal substrate surfaces with the necessary means to make the equipment capable of withstanding a variety of elemental and other forces. In doing so, it allows a company to continue to use its equipment effectively and efficiently for the duration.

Types of Protection

Industrial equipment faces a variety of challenges. These result from the environment in which the machinery must operate. They also are the product of the type of work and workload the equipment must deal with on a regular basis. Overall, a company needs to ensure the equipment operates ideally no matter what the conditions. In order to accomplish this, it must provide some form of protection. A power coating is an excellent solution in many instances because it:

 * Offers protection against corrosion
 * Prevents chemical corrosion
 * Reduces the instances of environmental degradation resulting from:
* Moisture
* Oxidation
* UV rays
* Industrial chemicals
* Environmental chemicals
* Improves the longevity of the equipment
 * Enhances durability

Overall, powder coating of industrial equipment and systems will augment its capabilities to provide effective, efficient and production over its lifetime. This allows a company to continue to produce its products without reducing its standards of quality and/or efficiency.

Specific Powder Coatings

To accomplish this, finishing companies who specialize in industrial metal finishing rely on applying powder coatings that are specifically suited to a purpose. Among the many options are:

 * Epoxy: This is an effective coating for water valves and for waste treatment equipment
 * Fluoropolymer: This non-stick, low friction material is often used for wiring in airplanes ensuring the equipment functions properly. Other industrial applications is in food and the packaging industry for coating ink trays, rolls, and frames
 * Nylon: This polymer is popular for use in a variety of finishing applications. It is a coating that provides industrial equipment with high corrosion resistance
 * Polymers: Developed into various types, polymers continue to be the among the most popular material for protecting against chemicals and corrosion on the valves, pumps, piping and other components of industrial machinery

Industrial Metal Finishing

A company needs to keep their equipment and operating systems in peak condition. It is essential they continue to operate in even harsh environments. Replacing and repairing the equipment can be costly. One way to prolong the life and enhance the performance capabilities of the products and their components is to provide them with a protective coating. Industrial metal finishing companies may choose to employ specific powder coatings to ensure their equipment can continue to operate effectively in even the most challenging environments.

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