Professional Chiropractic Care Services in Dublin, California

Managing Spinal Problems

When you search for the best chiropractor in Dublin, CA, you should ask about the various types of treatment options and diagnostic procedures. A professional chiropractic practice should offer comprehensive services for managing problems with the entire spinal column. For example, you could receive neck adjustments for temporary relief of stress, tightness and other discomfort. The best chiropractor in Dublin, CA, could also adjust other parts of your spine, including the thoracic and lumbar regions. A manual adjustment involves the manipulation of the bones, joints, muscles and tendons in targeted areas. Heat applications and specially formulated ointments can further reduce pain in any part of your spine. Additionally, an activator could be utilized to adjust and align the neck or during your appointment. This type of spring-loaded device creates mechanical vibrations at the appropriate frequencies for optimum effects on the bones.

Diagnostic Procedures at Chiropractor

If you have chronic back pain, you could seek reliable diagnostic methods from the best chiropractor in Dublin, CA. An X-ray could reveal any anatomical abnormalities with your spinal column, especially the neck and lower back. Such a traditional imaging technology also detects fractures and other serious damage to the bone structures. If you have limited range of motion in your neck and back, you might require an MRI scan and other type of comprehensive imaging procedure. Soft tissues and spinal discs could only be analyzed in great detail by such sophisticated diagnostic technologies at medical facilities. MRI and CAT scans could also diagnose degenerative disc diseases and other related problems.

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