Professional & Affordable Smog Inspection for Your Vehicle

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Business

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In California, you need to undertake a smog inspection if you want to renew your vehicle’s registration. The usual time frame is two years. Here are a few things you can expect:

Go to a Station

You’ll need to pay a visit to stations that meet the conditions and standards of the California Bureau of Automotive Repair or BAR, says the DMV.

STAR Stations

If your car’s generating tremendous amounts of smog, then you’ll be tagged as a gross polluter and sent to pay a visit to a STAR-certified station. Your vehicle would have to meet performance standards set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair if you want a chance at renewing your registration. Just make sure that you pick out a STAR-certified station that performs both tests and repairs, since others might only provide testing.

Test-Only Stations

These are stations designed to test vehicles. If you have any upgrades or repairs that you need to get done, get them out of the way before you go for your testing. With affordable smog check stations like the A Star Smog in Antioch, you won’t have a problem undertaking a smog check that fits right into your budget. If you’ve been pretty insistent about taking a smog inspection regularly, then your vehicle’s sure to pass that test with flying colors.

Test and Repair

These are stations that allow you to test as well as repair your ride. However, if you don’t mind a spot of inconvenience, it might be better to have your vehicles repaired at one station and tested in another. That way, you’re sure that the testing results are accurate.


Don’t forget to pack along your driver’s license, your proof of insurance, the title (if you own the vehicle), and your old registration. That’s it! You’re ready to get your car smog checked.

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