Points to Discuss with a Self Storage Building Service in Pierre

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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After finding a nice parcel of land zoned for business purposes, the decision is made to build a self-storage facility. The facility will offer storage options for those who need more room at home or just need to store some items during a home renovation. When planning the layout for the facility, it makes sense to talk with a professional with a Self Storage Building Service in Pierre and come up with the best plan. Here are some points to settle before any work gets underway.

The Size of the Storage Spaces

As the expert from the Self Storage Building Service in Pierre will explain, it pays to offer storage units of varying sizes. Some people will only need a small amount of space to store things; while others may have furniture and other larger items that need a place to stay for awhile. By offering three or four different sizes, the odds of always having something that is just right for a customer are increased.

The Design of the Facility

Consider how to lay out the facility so that it is convenient for customers to use. This includes addressing issues like providing enough space to tow a trailer to the storage unit and still have room to move about freely. Ideally, two vehicles should be able to pass one another at all times.

There is also the matter of determining the best way to arrange the units. Does it make sense to have all the smaller units located on a couple of rows while the larger ones are positioned along another set of rows? The professional with the Self Storage Building Service in Pierre can go over the pros and cons of different arrangements and help the client make the right decision. Click here for more details.

Adding Climate Control

Since the facility will be new construction, it pays to decide now if the units will be climate controlled. This will mean allowing space to run electrical wiring to each of those units. Depending on what the other storage facilities in the area are offering, the ability to offer units that are temperature and humidity controlled could be just what is needed to compete successfully.

For help with any storage facility design, talk with the team at Palace Builders Inc in Pierre today. It will not take long to come up with the right layout and features to make the business venture a success.

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