Picking the Right Car Wash

by | May 22, 2017 | Software Company

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A car wash should be a part of your maintenance routine for your car. Finding a great car wash can make life easier and keep your car in prime shape. Finding the best car wash for you is easy, here are a few important things to look for when finding your go-to washing facility.


How far are you willing to go to get your car washed? Decide if you want to stay in your surrounding area. If there are no quality car washing places nearby, would you be willing to drive a distance to keep your car clean? The choice is yours. Look online on a map and find places within your chosen radius. Keep mind that the easier it is to have access to a car wash, the more likely you will get your car cleaned regularly.

Equipment Used

The equipment used at a car wash should be superior and up to date. Your car should be receiving a quality car wash every time. For example, top-notch car wash controllers can provide you with a high class clean every time you come in. The controller helps in the automation of the car wash and can reduce time, upkeep and any potential damage to a car.

Applied Chemicals

The chemicals used on your car should be hard working but gentle on your car’s exterior. Harsh chemicals can eat away and strip at the paint and car’s hardware so it is essential you know what is being used on your vehicle. The chemicals, soap, and water, if harshly treated, can also affect the car wash equipment. The parts can corrode over time and pose a danger to your car. If at all possible, inspect the car wash parts as you drive through and be weary of any noticeable wear and tear or rusting.

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