Perks Of Buying A New Subaru Outback In Frankfort

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Automobile

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When it comes to shopping for your next vehicle, there are quite a number of decisions you need to make. In addition to deciding if you want to buy or lease your next new car, you also need to figure out if you want a new vehicle or one that has been pre-owned. Your ultimate decision on both of these issues will depend largely on your own life situation. Things like your five-year plan, the vehicle’s primary purpose, and even your social life will all dictate which type of ownership options are right for you. Here are a few perks of buying a new Subaru Outback in Frankfort, to help you with your decision.

Perk #1: Buying Means Ownership

Much like renting versus home ownership, leasing versus buying has the same sort of end result. Leasing, like renting, involves the payment of a certain sum every month for the term of the lease. Once the lease is up, you can opt to renew the lease to keep the same car, or upgrade vehicles. At no point, however, do you own the car. Any alterations to the vehicle are usually prohibited and the terms of the lease are strict when it comes to mileage and the type of driving you are permitted to do. Buying your new car from a dealership, even with financing, leads to car ownership. This means that the car is yours to do with as you please, to drive as you please, and to put as many miles as you want on the car. For many people, ownership is the best way to get a new Outback, as it means vehicle freedom.

Perk #2: You Are The First Owner

Buying a new Outback means that you are the car’s first owner. While this seems like an obvious statement, there are a ton of implications that appeal to many car buyers. For starters, it means that you can be certain of the vehicle’s history; it likely has not even been in an accident o required major servicing. It also means that the mileage already on the vehicle is extremely low, giving you the freedom to drive it as you want without the same fears you’d have if it were a used model.

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