Over The Road Trucking Companies: Drivers And Vehicles

by | Oct 25, 2016 | transportation

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2015 and 2016 have become two consecutive years where statistics indicate a growth in employment in the trucking sector. This is a serious boost for what had been an industry hurt hard by the economic recession of 2010. While the profession contains a variety of opportunities, many of those come from jobs with over the road trucking companies.

Over the Road – OTR or Long Term Haul Trucking

Those who start their career in trucking often begin it in OTR trucking. These are long hauls. In general, they handle heavy loads and haul them for an extended period. An OTR trucker can be gone a matter of days or even weeks. They may drive their vehicles

1. Interstate: Between states
2. Intrastate: Within a state

Some may travel across the country and not return for a couple of months; other may drive a few hundred miles and be back home the same day. It depends upon the load and its destination. The route is classified as “irregular.” Truckers transport their loads to different places at different intervals.

OTR Vehicles and Responsibilities

Drivers handle heavy equipment. They may operate anywhere from a 28 foot to a 48-foot-long or even 53-foot-long trailer to handle truckload freight. The cargo may require a dry van or be refrigerated. The trailers they ride in attach to the cab, which, in the case of OTR drivers, is their driving and often living space for the trip as well. This depends upon the length of the route. Trucks that drivers live in are called sleeper trucks. They are often a two or three-wheel axle containing a sleeping compartment as part of the cab.

Drivers who are OTR operators have certain responsibilities. They are often related directly to the load and the type of trailer they drive. Beginners generally carry forced dispatched loads. This means, they have little to no choice in selecting what they are going to drive or carry as freight. A good performance and the ability to truly deliver in many ways can cut a driver some slack. This will allow some choice in the future.

Some responsibilities include planning the route, keeping a log (electronic or otherwise, understanding the laws pertinent to their driving through a specific state and as it pertains to their cargo, and. Always, performing a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle. At the end of the line, truckers may need to help unload and even reload the truck.

Over the Road Trucking Companies

While many drivers want to work only nine-to-five, others prefer to go for the long haul. They want to drive across the nation, moving from state-to-state. For them, only over the road trucking companies offer the option to explore the nation while making money.

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