Options In ABB Flow Meters For All Applications

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

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When it comes to flow measurement for slurries, gas, liquids as well as steam, there is a flow meter designed specifically for the task. One of the advantages of choosing from the line of ABB flow meters is many of these systems can be used across multiple applications, making them an ideal choice for large projects as well as small.

In addition to offering a top selection of ABB flow meters, the company also has a long-standing reputation for quality meters that are built to stand up to even the most demanding environmental conditions. This makes them an excellent choice as flow meters in power plants, water treatment facilities, refineries and in any type of liquid or semi-liquid production facilities.

There are several different factors that need to be considered when choosing a flow meter. With the available models offered, matching the ideal meter with any flow measurement requirements can be easily completed by focusing on a few different requirements.

Know Your Limits

It is important to choose the correct turndown, or the difference in flow rate, which any meter can register. In the vast majority of applications this can be a significant range, so look for flow meters with a significant range between the lowest and highest measurements possible.

Material Through the System

Not all materials that will flow through a system behaves in predictable ways. While water is predictable in its movement, the non-Newtonian liquids, which are typically the slurries and viscose liquids, move differently based on various factors. It will be important to understand the type of liquid to choose the ABB flow meters that will be able to provide accurate measurements.

In addition, consider the location and type of installation required as well as the ability of the flow meter to measure the accuracy levels required for the application.

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