Online BLS Certification-Nationally Recognized!

Online BLS certification that is nationally recognized can help to save you a great deal of time and stress BUT you have to be surae that you are dealing with a training center that meets the strict criteria of the larger nationally known professional groups that recognize certifications. If you are a health care professional you likely know a person or two that has taken courses online, studied hard, got their certification only to be told that the certification was invalid and not accepted. It can happen but if you use a trusted source that offers courses that are comparable to the Red Cross, OSHA and others you can rest assured that your certification will be accepted.

How Do Courses Become Nationally Recognized?
BLS approaches change as more information and research is done. The changes have to be considered in the training. To become a nationally recognized training center, the course work has to be designed to cover the topics and relevant information up to the minute as it becomes available. Many of the companies that offer this training online, just throw together information that can sometimes be outdated. Nationally recognized training courses are “recognized” because they are comprehensive, complete and up to date.

Rest Assured
Not every training center can provide you with the knowledge that you need to become certified (with an accepted certification but one can! You know you are on the right track with the right training opportunity when:

  • 99% of the certifications used by graduates of the course have been accepted by employers
  • Covers all the necessary course work for a full understanding of BLS

Simple CPR is the one training option online that delivers the same exact information you would get in a classroom and offers a nearly perfect online BLS Certification acceptance rate among employers!

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