Noninvasive Body Contouring Helps to Reduce Stubborn Fat Deposits

After a person drops some excess pounds and is close to the ideal weight, it’s frustrating to continue seeing stubborn fat deposits. All the dieting and targeted exercise just haven’t been effective for this problem. Noninvasive body contouring in Chicago could be the answer.

About the Procedure

During one type of procedure, the doctor applies laser light energy that destroys around 25% of fat cells in the targeted areas. The body gradually eliminates those damaged cells in its normal waste removal process. The person is happy to see thinner upper arms and thighs as well as a flatter abdomen.

Many individuals feel troubled by these fat deposits but are hesitant about invasive procedures or even minimally invasive treatments like liposuction. Laser body contouring in Chicago is noninvasive and requires almost no recovery time.

Side Effects

Patients generally experience some redness, bruising, and swelling in the treated areas. There may be some soreness. Nevertheless, these effects are minor enough that patients can return to their usual activities on the same day.

A Distinct Positive Aspect

A distinct positive aspect of this form of contouring is everyone assumes that the individual is slowly losing weight. The process looks entirely natural, and nobody needs to know that any professional cosmetic procedure was performed.


The doctor can only safely remove around 1/4 of the fat cells during one application. For that reason, some patients decide to schedule a second appointment to improve the results.

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