New Types of Heating and Cooling Units in Bainbridge Island You Should Know About

Do you feel like your HVAC system needs an upgrade? Are you tired of spending extra money on heating and air conditioning during freezing cold and sweltering hot months?

Well, there are new types of heating and cooling units you should know about. HVAC systems are much more efficient than they used to be, which means upgrading to a newer system could actually save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Hybrid Heating Systems

A hybrid heating system is a new type of HVAC system. In a traditional HVAC system, the heating and cooling units are separated from each other, which means the system has to route heat and cool air through different pumps. With a hybrid system, the hot air and cool air are routed through the same heat pumps, depending on how you control the temperature.

These pumps are very powerful and also more effective and versatile than old HVAC systems. Additionally, hybrid systems combine the heating technology of gas-powered heat and heat pumps. The system can figure out whether it’s more energy efficient to use gas, or simply use the heat pump, depending on what’s currently the most cost-effective.

You should visit a website like to learn more about hybrid heating systems and how they can heat your home more effectively while saving you money.

Efficient Gas Furnaces

Old furnaces are not very efficient. If your furnace is ten years old or older, you could replace it with a more efficient gas furnace. These furnaces are much better at converting fuel into heat, so almost all of the money you spend on running your furnace will go towards heat instead of fuel byproducts that don’t warm your home. When it comes to installing heating and cooling units in Bainbridge Island, a furnace could be the perfect option for you.

Are you having trouble making a decision about what kind of heater or air conditioner to install? Ask an HVAC professional for advice. They’ll be happy to help you pick out a new unit and install it for you as well. Click here for more details about the heating and cooling units in Bainbridge Island.

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