New Technology For Oil And Gas Pipeline Inspection Companies

Within the oil and gas industry, there is a growing demand for cost-effective solutions to proactively manage pipelines in remote areas, including deep sea inspections. One of the most effective technologies on the market today includes the use of remote-controlled drones to survey pipelines in both remote and difficult to access locations.

Many oil and gas pipeline inspection companies currently deploy this technology. With the use of drones, it is possible to put in a full day’s work on a remote pipeline inspection and stay in the comfort of a fully mobile control center.

The Drone Technology

One of the best options for oil and gas pipeline inspection companies, drones allow for the use of many different detectors during the flight based on the specific type of inspection required. There are also more advanced drones, which allow for multiple type sensors to be mounted on the drone to provide a comprehensive inspection with one pass.

The drones in use today have extended flight times. Some of the lighter drones have the capacity to fly up to fourteen hours, with flight duration impacted by the weight of the sensors and the conditions.

Quality of Data

Most oil and gas pipeline inspection companies will need to obtain a variety of types of data when completing inspections using the technology. Drones are able to inspect assets above the ground while also pinpointing issues through visual, thermal and gas detection sensors.

Underwater ROV Equipment

Similar to drones but working under water, ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) offers full inspection of underwater oil and gas pipelines and structures. Unlike the drone, the ROV can be used for more than just inspections.

The ROV systems, unlike the drones, remain tethered to a vessel through the use of an umbilical. They are also rated for different depths, allowing the inspection company to choose the ideal ROV for the specific inspection requirements.

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