Needed Gear for the Soccer Player

One of the perks of playing soccer over playing other sports is that it’s a simple game. There isn’t a ton of equipment that you must buy. If you’re just horsing around with friends, you may need no more than a soccer ball pump and ball. However, if you are going to take on serious games, there are a few more things to have in your arsenal. This will help protect you from injuries and enhance your performance. We’ll look into the essentials below.

Shirts & Shorts

You can choose to wear a short sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, but you should check that the material it is made from is durable. You don’t want to end up tearing your shirt in a game. For those playing with only friends, you can choose to wear whatever you like. Once you’re on an official team, you’ll likely have a special team shirt to wear. As for the shorts, pants tend to be too restrictive. Wearing shorts keeps you cool and lets you move around as you play.

Shoes & Socks

If you’re planning to play soccer on grass, you want to get shoes with cleats that help you grip the earth. Those who will be playing on turf or other hard surfaces won’t require cleats. Indoor soccer shoes are an excellent investment in this case. You also want a durable pair of socks for your playing. You want them to be thick to avoid getting blisters. Usually soccer socks come up to the knee and hold your shin guards in the proper place.

Soccer Ball

You can get a soccer ball for next to nothing or you can choose an expensive model. There are all sorts of balls in between as well. Most people can get away with an average priced ball if they plan to play on a regular basis. The problem with the cheaper balls is that wear and tear can make them break down much more quickly. Other things to consider are the feel and weight of the ball. While you’re purchasing a ball, it’s a good time to pick up a soccer ball pump as well.

If you’re ready to pick up some gear and get on the field, Soccer Innovations can help. We’d be happy to walk you through getting all of the equipment you need. You can find out more about us at

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