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Every year, defective products cause thousands of injuries. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys know product liability laws. As such, they can determine the responsible party and sue for damages.

The rules for determining the responsible party are somewhat different from the rules that apply to other injury law. Responsibility for the defective product that causes injury lies with all those involved the manufacture or distribution of the product. The law requires all products to meet the “ordinary expectations” of the purchaser; when it does not, due to a defect, it fails this test.

The Responsible Parties

For there to be a case of product liability, the product in question must have been sold to the public. It is not necessary that the person that purchased the defective product be the injured party; anyone that is injured by the defective product can sue as long as the product was sold to someone in the first place.

Those that can be involved in legal action include the original manufacturer as well as:

   * Any company that manufactured a component part that went into the assembly
   * A person or party that assembled the product
   * The wholesaler and the retailer

Types of Defects

The plaintiff and his or her attorneys must prove that the product was defective, and it was this deficiency that made the product dangerous when used by a consumer. The law in Mobile Alabama considers three different types of defects.

   * Design: Something in the design made the product unsafe
   * Manufacturing: Defects that result from improper component manufacture or assembly
   * Marketing: These defects include poor or insufficient labeling, instructions or safety warnings

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff to identify the parties responsible for manufacturing or supplying the defective product. Cases of this nature are complex and should only be handled by attorneys experienced in accidents and personal injury cases.

If you have suffered injury from a defective product, personal injury attorneys can help you recover damages. In Mobile Alabama, contact the Law Office of Gary W. Fillingim, L.L.C. or visit Follow us on google+.

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