Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Attorneys in Minneapolis MN Help Clients in This No-Fault State

When automotive accidents occur in Minnesota, each person’s own automotive policy is responsible for paying compensation because this is a no-fault state. Even when another driver causes an accident, the innocent person’s policy pays for property damage, medical treatment and lost wages. Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Attorneys in Minneapolis MN may be able to help when the policy maximum is not enough to cover all of these expenses.

Filing Suit

Only about a dozen states have this type of no-fault automotive insurance law. These states do allow people who have been seriously injured to sue the other driver for expenses beyond what their own policy will pay. In Minnesota, the total cost of medical expenses must be above a certain level specified by state law for a lawsuit to be filed. Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Attorneys in Minneapolis MN can help with this effort.

Problems With the No-Fault System

This situation can create a significant hardship for the person who is dealing with physical problems because of the crash. His or her own medical insurance may pay for a certain proportion of the medical bills not covered by the automotive policy, but there likely is still a deductible and a co-pay. The person may not be able to return to work for months, resulting in a large amount of lost wages.

Consumer experts typically take a negative view of no-fault insurance. Premiums are higher across the board in states that have these laws, even though theoretically, the costs for insurance rates were supposed to be lower. Bad or careless drivers essentially get away without consequences if they cause an accident. Innocent drivers have to make claims on their own policies.

In addition, seriously injured victims have no way to be paid for intangible issues like emotional trauma or pain and suffering. These aspects cannot be included in a lawsuit. Every point must have a price tag. Also, if the at-fault driver does not have any assets to pay for damages, filing a lawsuit is pointless. Wage garnishment is rarely ordered in these situations. Anyone who has questions about the possibility of filing a suit may browse the website of an organization like Rutzick Law Offices.

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