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High quality business signs are very important for all business owners because a business sign is your first connection to your prospective customer. Business owners are looking for creative signs because they know how important it is when it comes to attracting customers to their business. An attractive business sign easily remains and registers in the minds of customers. In this case, it is important for a business owner like you to understand and consider all possible options for artistically made business signs.

Once you choose Metal Artist of Ajax, ON you will find out that there are more choices for you and there are different kinds of metals that can be used to create a creative metal sign for your business. There are overwhelming choices for custom made metal sign. The following are types of metals that one can choose for their metal sign and you will also find out the pros and cons of each metal. This will help you find out which type of metal is the best for a business sign.

Aluminiumthis type of metal is suitable for high traffic business. This is also for businesses like construction because this type of metal can withstand a wet environment. This is also for business signs that you can use for a very long time like a traffic sign, parking lot signs, and other signs for permanent use. An aluminium sheet can offer a very smooth surface and this type of metal is sold in different thickness.

DiBondthis is also a solid metal that is made from 012″ aluminium and solid polyethylene core. A business sign made from this material can be used for long term use because this type of metal does not warp when exposed to extreme heat. This is also ideal for mounting as well as printing because the surface can be used for digitally screen printed graphics. It is also light in weight and suitable for wall-mounted signs because this is a flat panel.

Armour-Woodthis is a different kind of wood because it is sealed with permanent aluminium sheet that is factory bonded onto the surface. Armour-Wood is an ideal choice because it is stronger compared to traditional metal signs.

Alumalitethis is a composite material that is made up of 2 sheets of .012 aluminium with a corrugated plastic core. This is the best option for business owners who want long term building signs, mounted signs, lawn signs, and or sales kiosks. Alumalite is better than Armour-Wood because it is easier to install and to handle compared to heavier Armour-Wood signs.

Other Metalsthere is also cold-rolled steel sheets in different gauges. This is the option that can offer a higher level of strength compared to aluminium. It can be used as a permanent sign for any type of business.

Business signs are no doubt the most important part of your business because this holds your business name.

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