Make Your Wine Look Beautiful

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Wine Store

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As a winemaker, your primary concern is making great wine. But, as a wine marketer, you must also be keenly aware of the way your wine looks, too. It’s no secret that many people choose a new bottle of wine without ever tasting it.

When a consumer chooses a wine they’ve never tried, they do so for one of four reasons. The first is that they know the winery and believe they make good wines. For this reason, you should ensure your wines have a consistent look so that they are easily recognizable on store shelves. You want your loyal customers to try your newest wines.

The second reason that consumers buy a wine they’ve never tried is that they like the varietal. Lovers of Cabernet Sauvignon may choose this varietal with less regard to the winemaker.

The third reason to choose a wine is for the price. Wine lovers generally choose a wine a particular price range for everyday drinking and may have a different price range for special occasions.

The fourth reason wine consumers choose a particular wine is the look of the packaging. This is a factor over which you have great control. Ensuring your packaging is consistent with your marketing image, and that it looks beautiful, is important. A pretty and interesting looking label, matched with a polylaminate capsule in a coordinating color makes for an eye-catching product.

Your attractive label and polylaminate capsule combination might be the reason a consumer chooses your wine over the others in their favorite varietal and price range. This important part of your image creation and marketing plan is extremely important to remember.

Take the time to carefully plan your labels and your polylaminate capsules before bottling your wine. These design elements are key to your product getting noticed on store shelves.

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