Make Your Sunroom Energy Efficient

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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If building a sunroom is on your “to do” list, you will want to ensure it is functional and beautiful; you will also want to make sure that putting a sunroom addition on your home doesn’t have a serious negative impact on your energy bills. Existing sunrooms in San Antonio can also benefit from an energy audit; many are far too hot in the summer and too chilly once the summer is over.

New construction:

New sunrooms in San Antonio can be designed and built with energy efficiency as one of the requirements. Try to site the room in an area around your home that is shaded during the summer months and is exposed to the sun during the winter. If you have space that is shaded by trees that is ideal, if not, look into planting a few deciduous trees once the construction of the room is complete.

A great deal of a typical sunroom is glass. Choose windows that qualify for the energy star rating. To compliment these energy efficient windows you may wish to consider installing retractable awnings that can be dropped on extremely hot days. Make sure the glass that you have installed in the windows will not readily conduct heat or cold. The best is to insist on glass with a very low U Factor.

You may wish to build a sunroom that can be insulated. As there are tricks to building sunrooms in San Antonio it is a good idea to work with a contractor that is experienced.

It may prove necessary to connect your new sunroom into your existing heating and air conditioning system, although there are stand alone units readily available.

Once your new sunroom is completed your next task is to sit back and enjoy it. Sunrooms in San Antonio are also wonderful spaces to use as a miniature tropical rain forest, without the rain.

Sunrooms in San Antonio add a great deal of space to a typical home, space that can be used winter and summer if designed properly. The experts in the area are Shaw Company Remodeling are ready to help you make your dream of having a sunroom come true.

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