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These days, automobiles are required to get anywhere outside of the home, and roads are what you travel on. The quality of the road gives drivers a very strong impression of what kind of area they are passing through. When a road is left in disrepair, people see that there is less maintenance in that area and wonder what illegal acts they could get away with. The reverse is true when roads are taken care of, thus showing the importance of keeping good paving contractors in Bel Air, MD.

Pathways to Everywhere

Not only do paving contractors build and maintain roads, but they also build driveways, sidewalks, and patios once a bid is won. Other than in the wild, paving contractors build all of our public pathways, and there is a lot of infrastructure within cities. Most contractors will work on residential properties as well as commercial. That leaves a ton of roads to keep up, but each contractor does not work alone; they have their crews to help them build for society.

What They Are Built of

Most people think of roads being built out of asphalt, cement, or concrete, which are different materials, although most people likely can’t tell the difference between them. Cement is simply a variety of crushed stones and clay and, when water is mixed in, it is poured into form work to set. Concrete contains cement that is combined with sand and additional crushed rock. The sand adds some compressive strength to the concrete and is used more for larger projects.

Asphalt is a petroleum product melted on site and is what most roads are made of today. Asphalt is a complex organic material and is darker than cement and concrete, which leaves no room for confusion as to what material it is.

Paving contractors such as Goode Paving & Sealcoating Inc. also make stone and tile exterior floors and paths. This takes a bit more design work but makes both a visually appealing and safe flooring for every client.

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