Make Sure the Teeth Stay Healthy With General Dentistry in Salem OR

Everyone likes to eat an excellent meal, but people who are suffering with dental problems may not always have that luxury. One reason for this, the teeth and gum tissues can be very sensitive when caries (cavities) develop or an infection sets in. The only real way to handle this problem is General Dentistry in Salem OR. General dentistry covers most of the common treatments such drilling and filling any caries, applying crowns or caps and checking the mouth for possible problems. For instance, the dentist will x-ray the teeth from various angles to check them for caries or other problems. General Dentistry in Salem OR is also useful to protect the teeth from decay. The first steps are to clean the teeth. Dental cleaning should be done at least once each year for best effect. If there are minor abrasions on the teeth, then the dentist may need to smooth out the area and cover the damaged tooth with a bonding material. Dental bonding can improve the shape or size of some teeth as well. Another issue that may be addressed by General Dentistry in Salem OR is covering up badly stained, crooked or misshapen teeth. This particular problem is usually handled by covering the visible portion of the front teeth. This is done by creating a custom veneer. The veneer is a thin, porcelain shell that fits snugly to the existing teeth. In most cases, the dentist may be able to install the veneer with little or no shaping of the original teeth. This is much better than the earlier techniques that usually required a lot of filing or grinding. In fact, modern veneers can often be removed if the patient prefers, although few people do so. One of the best reasons to consider General Dentistry in Salem OR is finding the best dentist for the whole family. The primary reason for this, if the parents are happy with the dentist, then their children should be as well. This is important because children often pick up on the emotions of their parents and dislike of the dentist is one thing they notice right away. If mom and dad are satisfied with the service and personnel, then they will feel comfortable bringing the whole family.

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